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7 Steps to levelling-up your at-home workouts

By Isobel Larkin on April 1, 2021



When compared to heading into a gym, home workouts are much more convenient, save time on commuting and are also more dependable in these times of COVID-19 and social-distancing. So, it’s not surprising that the popularity of fitness apps has completely exploded in recent times.

If you’re wanting to get the best results out of your home workouts, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a seasoned living room lifter or you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, we’ve got all the advice you need.

Below, find our top tips for levelling up your home workouts including expert advice from FLOE Yoga Instructors Jessica Zabow and Yuki Nakazawa.

  1. Setup your space

Depending on the type of workout you’re doing, you’ll want to ensure your space is ready with enough room to move (you might need to clear out the coffee table!) plus all the equipment you’ll need. Getting your area ready for a workout will also help you mentally prepare yourself for a solid sweat session and get you into the right mindset to move.

  1. Plan your workouts

Before the week begins, grab your diary or calendar and program your workouts into your week. “Structure and accountability are key to staying on track with good habits. Where possible, organise your day around your scheduled class and write it in your planner to keep it a priority,” says Jessica.

Want to make yourself even more accountable? “Tell a friend or colleague you’re doing a class to help motivate you to get it done!” says Jessica.

  1. Focus on why you’re exercising

If you’ve reached a point where your workouts are starting to feel like a chore, it’s useful to remember the reasons you’re exercising. Of course, working out helps you look your best, but it’s also crucial for physical and mental health.

“Exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Regular exercisers outperform non-exercisers in many cognitive tests including problem solving, long term memory, attention and reasoning,” says Yuki.

  1. Remember, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’

If you want to achieve maximum results, you’ll need to be patient and put in the time. Stick to a sensible workout plan you can maintain rather than diving into something that might be too intense and not sustainable in the long-term. Going too hard, too soon can also result in injuries.

“Long term consistency is key. Improvement brings joy, and that priceless feeling keeps you going. Have you ever seen a toddler take their first steps and how happy that makes them? We all have that capacity to feel absolutely thrilled to be alive by learning new things and broadening our horizons,” says Yuki.

  1. Invest in a premium exercise program

When it comes to home workout apps, there’s a huge variety in the quality of what’s out there. FLOE is a game-changing new system that brings the knowledge and expertise of leading fitness professionals straight into your living room. Unlike other fitness apps, FLOE offers live workouts with two-way communication between trainers and home-users. Meaning trainers can provide feedback in real-time to have you nailing your technique and getting the motivation you need.

Which brings us to our next point…

  1. Work with trainers who’ll keep you on track

The dedicated FLOE trainers aren’t just at the top of their game in the fitness industry, they’re also skilled at providing feedback via our two-way video communication system. “Having a real-time connection to your instructor and the group energy feeling – even though the other people in the class are physically distant – gives you those social feelings of having more support and fun than you would by yourself. It’s one of the best uses of digital devices,” says Yuki.

  1. Mix it up

“Often, plateaus in fitness arise from a lack of variety, leading to boredom,” says Jessica. So, if you want to avoid becoming sick of your workouts, keep mixing them up! FLOE’s variety of classes makes this very easy. Besides helping you stay engaged with your workouts, mixing it up is great for your body, too.

“The diversity of class styles on FLOE – from Yoga to HIIT – provides a well-rounded workout experience that allows the body be more adaptive and functional. They balance out and complement each other. Yoga pairs beautifully with strength – to encourage recovery, and optimal functioning and enjoyment,” says Jess.

“Try out lots of different types of exercise and instructors.  Keep an open mind and let curiosity lead. You might be surprised what turns out to be your favourite ways of exercising,” adds Yuki.

Curious about FLOE? Learn more about our flexible approach to home workouts and how it will have you smashing your fitness goals.

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