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Meet FLOE: The world’s first online gym

By Isobel Larkin on June 25, 2021

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Meet FLOE: The game-changing new way to workout, set to completely disrupt the fitness industry

FLOE is set to completely revolutionise the way you workout at home. It features live workouts with leading instructors delivered through two way broadcast quality streaming. Combined with a stylishly designed all in one home gym to make the most of equipment optional workouts.

In other words? All the benefits of a gym membership, with access to live instructors and gym equipment. With the benefits that come from working out at home – say goodbye to travel time and often intimidating and busy gym floors.

We spoke FLOE’s industry-leading instructors to get the lowdown on this unique new approach to working out, and what sets it apart from everything else.

Live workouts with two-way video

Core to the FLOE philosophy is a focus on live workouts. Forget what you know about online workouts – where you can press pause, or struggle to stay motivated. Live workouts with FLOE means you are joining a live class at a scheduled time (choosing from a full timetable just like a gym). You can see and hear your instructor, and they can see you. Instructors can deliver maximum motivation which helps users to feel like they are truly connected in ways that other online fitness platforms cannot do.

“FLOE is a completely online exercise platform, with a twist. It offers LIVE classes so you are working out in real-time with an actual instructor. You can be anywhere, but still feel like you’re getting into a facility for some human connection. You can also choose from a variety of start times of classes and different modalities of training,” says Floe HIIT Trainer and Movement Therapist, Vanessa Leone.

The range of classes

With over 100 live classes a week across HIIT, pilates, yoga, (and more being added!) FLOE has workout variety covered. Besides helping to keep you engaged with your fitness goals, mixing up your workouts has excellent physical benefits.

Varying your workouts is incredibly important. In Australia, the Department of Health recommends you should do 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity each week, or 75-150 minutes of intense activity.

Vanessa adds:

“It’s super beneficial to mix up your workouts! You need to balance high intensity training with a different challenge like yoga or Pilates. It helps make your body bulletproof for life, not just gym workouts.”

Suitable for all levels

One of the best parts about FLOE is its bespoke nature. FLOE is suitable for a range of fitness levels.

“Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been training for a while, FLOE has something for you. Instructors give both beginner and advanced options for exercises and you can tap out if you need to. Plus, we’ll be there with you to make sure you can find the FLOE that’s right for you,” says Floe HIIT Trainer, Rob Thompson.

Exercise – on your own terms

A timetable with over 100 classes per week ensures you can access the workout you want when you want. So it also couldn’t be more convenient or time efficient. “You don’t have to travel anywhere, use public transport or find a car park,” says FLOE HIIT and Pilates Instructor, Michelle Wasley.

Exercise like no one’s watching

There’s no denying it, gyms can be intimidating. With FLOE you don’t need to worry, as you exercise from home.

“Exercise is an intimidating thing for many people. Having the ability to do it from your own home makes a massive difference. It takes up less time in your day and allows you to workout without the perceived pressure of others around you. It will help you understand your body which is the biggest barrier in reaching your fitness goals,” says Vanessa.

Equipment optional

Tt’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of gym equipment and what results it all achieves. To solve this problem, FLOE offers the purpose-built FLOE Gym that contains everything you need within. From sliding discs to kettlebells and a fold-up barre, it’s all here, and it looks pretty great too!

“I love that everything you need for a range of workouts is in this one, easy-to-access box. I love it,” says Vanessa.

Curious about FLOE? Learn more about our flexible approach to home workouts and how it will have you smashing your fitness goals.

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