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The FLOE Gym houses all the equipment required for Strength, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT and Barre workouts and packs away seamlessly when not in use. The unit doubles as a padded workout bench and transforms into a ballet Barre. Each piece of equipment has been custom designed and given a dedicated storage position to allow easy access. Includes complementary 3 month membership to FLOE Live; FLOE's interactive online workouts (tablet not included).
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What's in the kit?



A stylish ply box that holds all FLOE equipment, includes a padded bench and transforms into a free-standing Barre for Pilates Barre workouts with the included Barre attachment.
Product specifications:
Padded bench – 20mm high density foam and vinyl upholstery.
Product size – 1.47m (L), 48cm (H), 41cm (W)
32.7kg when empty (base 17.1kg and bench 15.6kg)
Finished with a clear varnished exterior to protect against staining.



Standard kettle bell 6kg, option to choose your preferred weight (6kg, 10kg or 16kg).
PU kettlebell designed to prevent marking flooring, with chrome handle.



No bounce, durable PVC slam ball. An extremely versatile piece of equipment to support functional cross training style workouts.
Standard deadball 6kg, option to choose your preferred weight (6kg or 10kg).



10kg olympic barbell. Chrome plated, brass brushed with bearings.
Total length 120cm
Loadable sleeve length 150cm
Handle length 87cm
Handle diameter 28mm
225kg load capacity



2 x 50cm olympic dumbbells. Chrome plated, brass brushed with bearings. 25mm handles.


Weight Plates

For use with the barbell and dumbbells.
4 x 1.25kg
4 x 2.5kg
4 x 5kg
TPU, premium finish prevents marking floors.


Weight Bar Collars

6 premium aluminium collar for use with dumbbells and barbell.


Resistance Bands

The easiest way to add weight or resistance to your workout without the need for weights. Comes with two resistance levels to accommodate both upper and lower body exercises.


Loop Bands

Set of 3 stretchable fabric loop bands, each with a different resistance level. Bands that don’t roll or slide no matter how intense the workout.


Sliding discs

A versatile training tool that allows you to add dimension and variety to your workout. Sliders can be used to perform a range of upper and lower body exercises, encouraging core engagement to improve strength and stability. (Set of 2).


Myofacial Roller

Your perfect post-workout companion. The trigger points target and relieves the tension and soreness from your muscles to help with muscle pain.


Pilates Circle

The Pilates Circle can be used for both upper and lower bodywork, in helping to create resistance, balance challenges or assist in stretches.


Pilates Soft Ball

Used to add challenge and variety to exercises as the ball invites the engagement of the surrounding muscles. Can also be used as modification tool to create extra support for different exercise.


Toning Balls

A pair of weighted (1kg) balls to increase the intensity of any workout. Can be used instead of handheld dumbbells to add more resistance to any exercise.



A bolster can be placed under various parts of the body for firm yet comfortable support to encourage total release and relaxation.


Yoga Blocks

Made from cork, the block is often used as an extension of the arms to bring the floor closer to you but can also support the back, head and hips to help the body settle into a pose.


Yoga Strap

Designed to improve your flexibility by providing extra reach and hold.


Yoga Eye Pillow

A plush pillow to place over your eyes during a restorative yoga session, designed to deepen the relaxation of the practice.


Mat and Stand

5mm thick workout mat. The unique square shape mat is larger than typical mats at 1.2m x 1.2m, and can encompass a more diverse range of movement.
The device stand positions your mobile device at the optimal height when taking part in FLOE’s Live & Interactive workouts.


3 months complementary access to live & interactive workouts

The FLOE Gym includes 3 months membership to FLOE’s live & interactive workouts so you can get the most out of your new home gym. A full timetable of Strength, HIIT, Pilates and Yoga workouts starting every 30 minutes. No ongoing commitment. Valued at $247.68.